Co-Curricular – Learn beyond the classroom

We believe that students learn as much, if not more, beyond the classroom as they do inside it. Through a wide range of co-curricular program, we encourage students not only to make the most of their talents and take intellectual risks, but also to pursue a healthy, rounded lifestyle. Participation in co-curricular activities is a deeply embedded part of the all-round education offered at the AusCam Academy. We tailor opportunities to students’ interests and needs, and provide expert coaching, instruction and mentoring specific to each co-curricular stream.

Performing Arts

At the AusCam Academy, we know that creative expression is a vital outlet for inquisitive minds. Involvement in music, visual art and drama sparks creativity and innovation in many areas of life and study. It builds our students’ confidence, improves their communication skills, and sharpens their empathetic abilities. We take great pride in the creative endeavours of our students and showcase them throughout numerous exhibitions, concerts and plays. Across all ages and abilities, opportunities abound for involvement in our vibrant Performing Arts Co-Curricular Program.


Sport at the AusCam Academy is an essential part of our co-curricular activities offering. Our sports program allows students to face challenges, build team spirit, strengthen their bodies, and achieve individual and team goals. From Foundation to Year 12, students are encouraged to take on a sport where they can master their techniques, build friendships on the sporting field and experience both the joy of victory and the graciousness of defeat.


The AusCam Academy strives to provide science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning opportunities for all students. This is to embed opportunities for coding, robotics, computer science, and computational thinking throughout the STEM Co-Curricular Program. Students acquire a foundation in digital skills, from basics like typing and logging into applications, to advanced competencies like coding and robotics.


At the AusCam Academy, students are encouraged to invest in a language during their school years and boost their prospects for success. Learning another language has many social, mental, and economic benefits. It helps students to explore other cultures and have a different perspective on life and prepare them to live and work in the global world. It increases brainpower and improves memory and develops strong cognitive abilities and sharpens key learning skills.