“Nurturing Global Citizens”

Students will be taught in the Australian Curriculum that is a world-class education by setting out the knowledge, understanding and skills needed for the 21st century. More importantly, the AusCam Academy offers a rigorous Cambodian Curriculum which Cambodian students to be equipped with Khmer literacy, culture, and social values. The Academy encourages students not only to cherish their own identity but also to become successful global leaders in future.


At the AusCam Academy, the Foundation (Pre-Primary) to Year 6 Curriculum is designed to provide a caring and supportive environment where each student is nurtured to build a strong educational foundation and the best start to their learning journey. We focus on developing essential foundational skills in literacy and numeracy both in English and Khmer. Our primary students enjoy a fun, engaging and globally minded learning program which allows them to learn the way they like best; by asking questions, investigating, and sharing what they have learned.

Disciplinary knowledge, skills and understanding are embedded in the eight learning areas of the Australian Curriculum: English, Mathematics, Science, Health and Physical Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, the Arts, Technologies, and Languages.


Junior Secondary

Years 7 to 9 is one of the most important developmental years between childhood and early adolescence. At the Junior Secondary, our students continue to explore and discover their own interests and passions through an education emphasising intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth. With high-quality teaching and learning, students learn how to discover and apply in-depth knowledge and practical skills in the real world. The Junior Secondary Curriculum challenges each of our students to take responsibility for their learning, think for themselves and make real-world connections in their education.

Senior Secondary & University Foundation Program

Senior Secondary students have three study pathways options in years 11 and 12. Students continue to study Cambodian National Curriculum and proceed with the Cambodian government high school examination. Students undertake the Australian Curriculum and achieve an Australian high school certification. Students even consider further their education through a variety of University Foundation courses.

The diverse learning pathways and flexibility of the curriculum help students plan for a successful future. The AusCam Academy strives our best to provide students with more choices from a range of subjects. This unique Senior Secondary School and University Foundation Program offer students in years 11 and 12 a way forward to their preferred post-secondary education options.