Welcome to the Australia Cambodia Education Academy (AusCam Academy).

At AusCam Academy, we offer a new concept in education adopting the Cambodian national curriculum enriched with teaching approaches and useful components from the Australian Curriculum.

AusCam Academy ensures that students are well-prepared with Khmer literacy, culture, and social values. It is vital for young people today to know and to hold with pride their cultural identity.

As the Director of Student Services and Parent Affairs, this resonates strongly with me – being an Australian who has lived and worked both in Australia and internationally.

AusCam Academy is committed to diversity and inclusiveness. We recognise and celebrate our differences to foster a community that is respectful, supportive, and safe. These core values will allow us to provide a living and learning environment where students can pursue their dreams and reach their individual fullest potential.

Dr. Ollie Peters
Director of Student Services and Parent Affairs